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1 November 2021

‘Passing’ starring Ruth Negga, Opens to Outstanding Reviews

Rebecca Hall’s directorial debut feature ‘Passing’ opened to outstanding reviews this weekend, with Ruth Negga receiving universal praise for her portrayal of Clare, a mixed-race Black woman navigating a segregated New York City in the Twenties.

‘Passing’ is now being screened at UK cinemas and available to stream on Netflix from 10th November.

‘Negga is magnetic as antiheroine Clare’

The Guardian

‘Negga is luminous as Clare, harnessing the flapper energy of an enigmatic girl with diamonds in her hair, who has the eyes and hearts of everyone in the room’

The Independent

‘Negga is extraordinary in the role’

The Times

‘Negga invests (Clare) with an elfin glamour that seduces everyone in her orbit, the audience included’

LA Times

‘Negga is heartbreaking as a woman who seems to recognize, despite fun-loving appearances, that time is running out on her ruse’


‘two excellent performances from Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga’


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