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The 2021 Toronto Film Festival Opens…

TIFF has officially opened and with a staggering MF&I line up this year… The Forgiven (Said Taghmaoui) Wolf (Lily -Rose…

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“Billions” Season 5, Part 2 will premiere in the UK on Sky Atlantic TOMORROW at 9pm

“Billions” Season 5, Part 2 will premiere in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Wednesday 8th September at 9pm. Starring…

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Adrian Dunbar wins at The GQ Men of the Year Awards

Adrian Dunbar led the winners at The GQ Men of the Year Awards last night scooping up his richly deserved…

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2021 Venice International Film Festival Opens

The 78th annual Venice International Film Festival will be held from 1 to 11 September 2021 and will host a…

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The Last Bus starring Timothy Spall and Natalie Mitson is out in Cinema Now!

Timothy Spall and Natalie Mitson star in The Last Bus, out in cinemas from today (Friday 27th August)! A heart-warming…

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Deceit starring Eddie Marsan airs Friday 13th August at 9pm on Channel 4

Eddie Marsan plays Paul Bitton in this gripping four-part drama, based on the true story of a controversial honeytrap at…

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“I wanna step on somethin for once. See what it feel like. Must feel good.” Aleshea Harris’ award-winning play Is… https://t.co/LiGXcP0nrG

Sami Outalbali graces the cover of 🔥 https://t.co/e5zCEFCdSh

“I can’t undo what’s been said. My world changed this morning. I hope for the better, but we’ll see in the future.”… https://t.co/6xO3wCZp0Y

IT'S HERE. The digital UK tour of & 's phenomenal ? starts today, starting at… https://t.co/0JSnsuTTdK

Eddie Marsan Join Beatles Manager Biopic ‘Midas Man’ with Jacob Fortune-Lloyd 🤩https://t.co/KJLAgGXhSP